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'Block Party' boosts XBLA March sales by 41 percent

If you're surprised by the news that last month's Xbox Live Arcade sales were the highest for any March in the digital platform's history, think back to the games featured in said month. Remember? Marketed as a month-long "Block Party," XBLA was home to a total rager, which brought us Toy Soldiers (209,000 units sold), Perfect Dark (161,000 downloads), Scrap Metal (18,000 units sold) and the Game Room app (sales and download data of Game Room games is unknown).

With the sales strength of these titles, as well as purchases of a few persistent favorites, like Trials HD and Battlefield 1943, the XBLA platform raked in an estimated $10.6 million last month, according to analysis from market research firm Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment. That total completely trounces February's pathetic $6.8 million in revenue and surpasses sales figures for March 2009 by 41 percent.

We foresee XBLA playing host to a great deal of parties in the future. Like the house from House Party (though, sadly, without the Kid 'n Play hijinks). Man, whatever happened to those guys?

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