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Finish the Blue Toad Murder Files this week


Have you been working your way through Relentless Software's PSN whodunnit mystery game? While it took over three months for the first three episodes to cross the Atlantic to the US, we're glad to report that the final three episodes are coming much sooner. In fact, you can expect the second half of the Blue Toad Murder Files on the North American PlayStation Store this week: specifically, April 29th, according to a recently-posted tweet.

For those not in the know, Blue Toad Murder Files is a puzzle game enveloped in a wonderfully-acted murder mystery. Imagine a more British version of Professor Layton, if you will. Relentless confirmed the pricing for these three episodes: $7.49 for each individual episode, and a $14.99 discounted bundle for the final trio. You can also get the entire series for only $29.98.


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