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Madden 11 videos chant new 'Simpler, Quicker, Deeper' design mantra


"Simpler, Quicker, Deeper." That's the tag line for Madden 11, as EA appears to be angling for the attention of the unsophisticated, no-time-to-waste "casual" demographic without dissuading its hardcore player base. The new Madden will be made both "simpler" and "quicker" through GameFlow, the buzzword for an optional auto–play calling mode, which puts players in the role of a quarterback that receives his plays from an AI coach. "Not everyone has an hour to dedicate," says senior producer Phil Frazier, alluding to the average length of a typical Maddden match. GameFlow is said to shave down match times to 30 minutes.

But fear not, bro, Madden also goes "deeper" this year with the option to create custom game plans before each match. Plus, there's another buzzword to memorize: Locomotion. That's the name for the game's "all new" animation system. While still short of the highs achieved by the Euphoria-powered animations of Backbreaker, there is a gameplay component to Madden's Locomotion system: Players can now lean and dodge during runs with the analog sticks.

According to the trailer, Madden 11 "will make every football game before it obsolete." (At least, GameStop's trade-in value will certainly reflect this sentiment.) Check out the dev diaries after the break, if you're not yet sufficiently pumped up for game day: August 10.

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