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Mini Altair 8800 looks authentic, runs Windows 7 (video)

Tim Stevens

It was just a few weeks ago that we lost Dr. Henry Roberts, the pioneer whose company created the Altair 8800, and while this project isn't exactly a tribute to the man it is at least a sign that his legacy lives on. Bob Alexander had always wanted an 8800 of his own, but now that he could afford one didn't want a gigantic blue case filling up his life. So, be bought a repurposed Altair 680, little brother of the 8800, and set about stuffing it with an Intel Core i5-650 processor on a Mini-ITX motherboard with 4GB of RAM, 80GB of SSD and 500GB on platters. That's all standard fare, but the front of the case pulls it all together, a custom-made, USB-powered circuit board with LEDs that turn on and off similarly to how the 8800's would. Those blinkenlights and the rest of the project are demonstrated after the break, but sadly there's no word of whether Kill the Bit is playable.

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