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Monster Hunter Tri guide introduces a monster of questionable huntability


Monster Hunter Tri is dangerous business. So dangerous, in fact, that Capcom felt the need to warn us about some of the harder-to-hunt monsters. In the last entry in its "Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting," the publisher introduces the "Alatreon," which sounds like something that should only be taken on by the craziest, death-wishingest of hunters.

After the break, you can see footage of the dragon tearing around a lava pit, where it apparently lives. At Capcom-Unity, you can read all about how these things " mercilessly tear apart whoever touches their sharp scales," and are so powerful that "their actions can affect the very weather." Okay, now who's ready to go swing a sword at one of these?

The post also features links to the other entries in the "Dangerous Guide," so you can read up on the other creatures you'd have to be a reckless idiot to fight.

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