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Record of Agarest War on PSN this week, requires 18GB of free space


Aksys' not-actually-very-erotic-but-being-marketed-that-way SRPG Record of Agarest War is finally coming to the North American PlayStation Store this week. Available this Thursday for $44.99, the only way you'll be able to play this game on PS3 is to download the game via PSN. However, don't expect to play the game right away. As promised, it's a hefty download: 10GB.

However, while the download is 10GB, you'll need 18GB of free space on your hard drive in order to complete the installation. To see how much free space you have, go to System Settings -> System Information on the XMB. If you plan on having the game download and install overnight, go to Users -> Turn Off System once you queue up the download, so that your PS3 can automatically shut down after installing the game.

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