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Runes of Magic rocks with Ruzio (and two other new mounts)


Three new mounts are always a good reason for gamers to celebrate, especially when the mounts themselves are part of a greater celebration. In the spirit of Walpurgis Night, Runes of Magic is treating players to a trio of special mounts for the holiday. Flyers may choose between a zippy broom or a rune disk to jam up the local airspace, but for our money, Ruzio the Expedition Donkey -- while lacking wings -- is a promising candidate for transportation. Everyone wants a sassy yet trusty donkey who has an affinity for waffles, right?

These three mounts will only be available for a limited time, from April 26-30, and only through Runes of Magic's item shop. New mounts or no, players are currently enjoying the benefits of "Expedition 60," a special event geared toward getting players leveled up in preparation for an increase in the level cap (as well as other spiffy content). Head over to Runes of Magic's website for the full announcement.

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