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RZA wraps up mocap for Activision game


Bobby Digital has been fully digitized, as hip-hop icon RZA recently tweeted about motion-capture work he completed for an unnamed Activision game. Additionally, RZA posted two images from the session on his Facebook page (one pictured above) and gave props to Activision -- and specifically the development team he worked with -- for showing a true appreciation for hip-hop and "our work" (perhaps an allusion to Wu-Tang's extensive catalog of music and a possible hint as to the scope of the mystery game).

The vague tease from RZA leaves us with few other clues. One reasonable guess is that RZA was mo-capped for inclusion in the next or some future iteration of the DJ Hero franchise, but he's not known as a "DJ" per se and is more accurately credited as a producer, among other creative roles. Roughly a decade ago, RZA was one of the Wu-Tang characters featured in the Activision-published Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style fighting game for PS1.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]

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