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Waypoint's Halo Reach content schedule, Avatar award teased

The Halo: Reach marketing machine is working overtime this week, as Halo Waypoint will release new content everyday until the Beta launches on May 3. If that isn't a big enough tease for you, the schedule of content the team at Waypoint sent to us still has a few "To be announced" placeholders. It's bad enough Halo fans need to wait, but waiting for the content provided to help diminish the wait for the Beta is just cruel, guys. Here's the Halo Waypoint schedule of content for the days leading to the Halo: Reach Beta.

In a recent Reach ViDoc, an Avatar award is briefly mentioned by designer Luke Smith as the only thing beta testers will start with when they begin their testing duties on May 3. Halo Waypoint will also see a title update sometime before the beta launches. While it's unconfirmed if the two are related, Team Waypoint recently tweeted more "details" would be released regarding an image of a "Halo: Reach Beta Tester" Avatar hoodie recently uncovered by NeoGAF; it's looking likely that this is the gear you could be getting for playing the Halo: Reach beta. The content schedule for Halo Waypoint can be found after the break.

Monday, April 26:

  • Reach Beta Rundown -- Video rundown of the Halo: Reach beta
  • Inside Gaming Special Report -- details the Reach beta (Part 1)
  • Halo: Reach Invasion gameplay video -- Video created in the Halo: Reach beta, follows a Spartan team during an Invasion match on Boneyard (Also available on the Waypoint YouTube channel)
Tuesday, April 27:
  • Giant Bomb's Halo: Reach "Quick Look"
Wednesday, April 28:
  • To be announced
Thursday, April 29:
  • Waypoint interview with Bungie's Derek Carroll & Lars Bakken
Friday, April 30:
  • To be announced
Saturday, May 1:
  • Inside Gaming Special Report -- details the Reach beta (Part 2)
Sunday, May 2:
  • Halo: Reach Screenshots
  • Halo: Reach Concept Art
Oh, and make sure to check out Joystiq's Halo: Reach Pre-Beta Video 'Splosion, too!

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