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Activision Publishing CEO resigns, remains Vice Chairman of Activision Blizzard


We know, we know -- you read that headline too quickly and immediately went into shock, worried that the value of your mint Topps 2007 Bobby Kotick Game Industry Executive collectible card just plummeted. Relax, folks, we're talking about the Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith, known best for lending his dulcet tones and vision for the future to quarterly investor calls (we'll miss him so!).

According to a report at Edge Online, Griffith will be keeping his position at Activision Blizzard on the board of directors, where he currently serves as vice chairman. In so many words, rather than talking about games that aren't out yet on the phone with investors, he'll be spending more time doing so in private. Oh, and he'll be working on "key initiatives and projects" to the tune of $250K each year.

[Update: See the Activision SEC filing.]

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