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Allods releases Patch 06: Edge of the Astral

When it comes to free-to-play games, one of the ones that draws a ton of attention is Allods Online. Today, gPotato has released the newest patch -- Patch 06: Edge of the Astral -- to the servers. As such, players will have a chance to get their hands on all that new content and find out how the tweaks and modifications will affect them.

If you haven't checked Allods Online out recently, this patch brings in new raid content where players will face off against War'kaz the Mindreaver, a massive Astral demon who now lurks in Gorluxor's Tower. Of course, if the idea of raiding isn't really your thing, there is also The Arena of Death in Yazes Shard -- a PvP arena that will allow players to pit their skills against each other for bonus Combat Glory. There are also adorably evil customizable goblin pets like the two seen above if neither of those areas appeal.

As to the bug fixes, tweaks, and other game improvements -- there's an enormous list. Some of the ones that immediately caught our eyes were splitting items in stacks, a hotkey for whispers, and more. This patch also holds more changes to the Fear of Death mechanic -- namely the removal of priest rez avoiding FoD -- but we suspect that change is not among the ones welcomed by players.

Be sure to pop over to the Allods Online forums on gPotato's site for the full patch notes.

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