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Apple disses the desktop?


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As we noted, the WWDC 2010 dates have been set, and the new pages have been posted. Several folks are noting with dismay, though, that the Apple Design Awards appear to have completely forsaken desktop apps this year, instead only allowing submissions which are available on the App Store. This obviously would make the ADAs specific to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad apps, disallowing any of the magnificent software for the desktop that we've seen highlighted in years past.

I passionately support mobile development, but I can't say that I do most of my computing on an Apple mobile device. Desktop software still rules my computing world, and not supporting its development seems to me to be a travesty. An ADA is a pretty big deal, especially for the independent developers who've been stars of the show previously. Without recognition, and the sales boost that goes with it, desktop developers will have one less reason to keep making great software. I'm hoping I'm missing some information here, but it looks pretty cut and dry to me: Apple is shunning the developers who make the Mac the great platform that it is.


One of the first to notice this desktop snub was Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software. We contacted him for comment, and I think his response reflects what a lot of developers are feeling this morning:

"Mac developers are some of Apple's most passionate and faithful boosters, and they build most of the software that makes the platform great. It's understandable that Apple is focused on the iPhone and iPad this year, but they shouldn't squander the huge success of the Mac. I think the omission of Mac software from the ADAs represents a missed opportunity for Apple to sustain enthusiasm among Mac developers.

It makes me wonder if Apple will make an announcement at WWDC about the future of the Mac, and whether the omission will make more sense in light of that. Otherwise, it just seems like botched publicity, and an unnecessary jab at developers who are already feeling less appreciated by Apple than they did in years past."

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