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Check out the 'vue' at this Florida Ritz-Carlton resort


With airport security so unpredictable these days, it's just not safe to travel with your consoles anymore. So why travel at all? It's a question that The Ritz-Carlton resort in Naples, Fla. has tried to answer with the introduction of its new "vue."

That's right -- it would seem that the "dazzling" views of the Gulf of Mexico just aren't engaging enough for today's vacationer, so the hotel has constructed a "virtual user experience." That's marketing-speak for "really jazzy living room." Pictured above, you'll spot the room's setup of LCDs wired to Wiis, PS3s and Xbox 360s, along with some iMacs in the center (not known for gaming, but they sure look swell.)

We know it's a little awkward to share your "living room" with complete strangers, but after a few heavy cocktails, who isn't down for a wicked Rock Band sesh with that one couple's only child, who happens to be allergic to the sun? Hmmm ... on second thought, maybe a "staycation" does better suit your budget this year.

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