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Dead Space 2 trailer leaked, then pulled (... so that's what Isaac looks like)

Joystiq readers know we're fond of one Ms. Lexine Murdoch, or, as she's known around these parts, Dead Space Girl. Well, we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Mr. Isaac Clarke, the oft-masked engineer (and protagonist) from the first title. While you may think this is the first time you're actually laying eyes on the mysterious Mr. Clarke, we'd like to direct your attention to this video from the 2008 original. While Isaac looks a little worse for wear after the harrowing ordeal aboard the USG Ishimura, we're glad to see he hasn't lost his trademark sense of humor ...

The image comes from the first trailer for Dead Space 2, apparently called "Dementia" according to Scrambled Pixel, who somehow tracked the video down early. We say "early" since we're assuming this was the treat intended to be released tomorrow, on 4/29/10, the date coded into the Rorschach inkblot we received earlier this week. Oh, also because it's now been pulled from YouTube "due to a copyright claim by EA."

Don't worry though, we remember everything! It had the usual Dead Space fare: Necromorphs, Necromorphs vomiting, the Marker, crazy alien runes, and the above reveal (but not really!) of happy-go-lucky space miner Isaac's face. On second thought, you should probably just stop back tomorrow.

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