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Dead to Rights: Retribution 'GAC Pack' DLC coming May 26 [update: June 1 in North America]


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Grant City officers looking to extend their Turner and Hooch-like experience in Dead to Rights: Retribution will soon get a new DLC pack. The "GAC Pack" (400 on Xbox Live / $4.99 on PSN) drops on May 26 in PAL territories [update: June 1 for North America] for Xbox 360 and PS3 and adds two new gameplay modes: Assault on the 87th Precinct and Riot Control.

In Assault on the 87th Precinct, players take up the role of the enemy -- Grant City Anti-Crime. Playing as a Sniper, Brawler and Tank, players must perform the titular assault on the Grant City Police Department and secure the building, a twist on one of the game's campaign missions. Then there's Riot Control, which is essentially Dead to Rights' version of Horde mode: Jack and Shadow face off against waves of GAC forces, earning points "based on speed and style." Riot Control will support international leaderboards.

As an added incentive for downloading the "GAC Pack," two previously pre-order exclusive DLC items will be included: the "Jack Pack" and the "Shadow Pack." These add a new set of armor for Jack and some camouflage for Shadow, as well as an "action mode" which turns every bullet into a tiny, exploding grenade. Finally, there's a noir graphic filter included if staring at all of those colors upsets your delicate retinas.

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