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Down you go: ArenaNet unveils the Guild Wars 2 Elementalist and combat details

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The floodgates of Guild Wars 2 news continue to open, and ArenaNet has revealed the first confirmed class for Guild Wars 2: the Elementalist. Not only do we get confirmation of the Ele class, but we get an exciting amount of detail and another huge update on overall combat.

Guild Wars Elementalists are formidable foes as it stands now, but it looks like the class will advance quite a bit in GW2. In 250 years, the Ele will have learned to change elements on the fly as well as summon items as weapons. That's only the beginning, though. The Guild Wars 2 site contains some stunning screenshots to go with all the information as well as videos, the first of which we have also embedded after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

What about combat in general? Lead Designer Eric Flannum gave us an outline of combat that reveals some extremely exciting details about what's to come. Ten slot skill bar? Yes please. Increased importance placed upon tactical strategy and movement? Any Guild Wars fan worth his or her salt should read through this several times -- there is a significant amount of new information.

Personally, as a huge fan of the Elementalist class, I found this to be the most exciting GW2 news in quite a while. There is certainly more to come from here on out, so keep your eyes on Massively for all the latest -- we'll be keeping a close eye out for it!

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