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Land of Chaos Online goes loco for spell info


As we saw at GDC10, Land of Chaos Online is certainly an unusual species of MMO, blending fantasy elements, Defense of the Ancients-style matches and third-person shooter action. The title is still deep in closed beta, but fans wishing to know more about the nitty-gritty details of LOCO can now feast their eyes on The Spellbook of Laair Hathy. Apparently, Laair Hathy is a wizard with a big mouth who likes to share top secret information on her rivals.

Unlike many MMOs, LOCO players assume the role of one of several predefined characters, each with their own unique array of skills and spells. Each section of the Spellbook covers one of these characters, providing us with background information, pictures and skill descriptions. This adds up to over 120 spells and skills that are now on display for inspection and discussion.

If LOCO piques your interest, then head on over to flip through the Spellbook, and sign up for closed beta while you're at it!

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