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Nokia E72 gets white paint option, firmware update

Vlad Savov

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a more direct competitor to the BlackBerry businessphone hegemony than Nokia's E7x series. It's therefore quite logical that only a day after RIM chief Mike Lazaridis made the white Bold official, Nokia is following up with its own pale-hued E72. Coming with a skinned UI to match the externals, the new handset is being announced alongside a firmware update (for E72s of all colors and creeds) that updates Ovi Maps, improves social networking integration, and allows location sharing through Facebook. You know, for when you wanna let your hair down after a hard day at the office. Internet radio of an unspecified variety has been included as well, along with general performance and stability improvements. Both the white handset and new firmware are available through Nokia today.

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