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The Classifieds: Lord Valthalak lives again


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We meet again: The Spirit of Lord Valthalak, a nasty-tough boss summoned in Upper Blackrock Spire as the last step of vanilla WoW's Dungeon Set 2 quest line, has been popping up in the most unlikely of locations on multiple realms over the past few days. He doesn't seem to be around on any of the realms I play on. Reader Garrett sent in this screenshot as his contribution to the puzzle. A realm-specific bug, a new bug with the amulet that the few players who have one are discovering -- or something more cataclysmic? Stealth amulet-poppers, reveal yourselves ...

Let's crack open The Classifieds.

Random Acts of Uberness

Stormstrike-H battlegroup, BRD group When using the dungeon finder at 49, you only have to kill the first boss in BRD to get your sack o' goodies, which is pretty good, since most of the rest of the dungeon will own you at that level. At 53, I was the highest person in the dungeon; three 49s (including tank!) and one DPS was 51. As it is my favorite dungeon in the game, I agreed to be the tour guide. Not only did we get the key to the second half of the dungeon (ghost quest), but we made it all the way past the Grim Guzzler! I am confident we could've gotten a full clear had the tank not had to log for work. I know we're in an era of WoW where unless it about ICC, GS and 80s, no one cares or even knows what instance I'm rambling on about, but I just had to share. For anyone that's ever had to drudge through that old mountain, you can understand the uberness that took place. Shout-outs to Akumadyn, BE pally tank from Haomarush; Whambam, undead mage from Khadgar; Mishpeld, BE mage from Duskwood; and Gamess, orc warrior from Andorhal. I hope to see you all again in the dungeon finder. Swing healin' in the heart of the mountain -- Tentontotems, <Kung Fu Scientists>, Ysera-H

Nite, Kirin Tor-A It's always nice when you run into really nice, friendly people in World of Warcraft. I had just ported to Ironforge to try and find a rogue to open a couple of lockboxes I'd obtained while leveling in Outland. Unfortunately, there were none there, so I branched out my search to Stormwind. That's where I found Nite, the night elf rogue. She gladly opened my lockboxes for me, then gave me a ride on her chopper. We also shared some techniques for reaching interesting locations such as under Stormwind, atop the Stormwind gate and the top of the waterfall between Elwynn Forest and Burning Steppes. After all of this, Nite noticed that I had no gems in a new belt I'd gotten from Outland questing and proceeded to log over to her other character to make me a couple of gems for my belt. All in all, it was a really great experience meeting Nite. -- Toyra, Kirin Tor

News: Around the WoW community

Ambassador of the Horde Think the humans and level 40s have things locked up when it comes to achieving the Ambassador title at lower levels? Think again. After spying our report about lowbie (level 48) Ambassador Shalista of US Fizzcrank-A, Thadie of Lightninghoof-H wrote in to represent her level 39 Hordie self. Guess those rosy little chunks of flesh knocked off by all her undead elbow-rubbing with Horde factions didn't dissuade them from recognizing her true devotion to the cause. Nice work, Thadie!

Happy three-year anniversary to <Origin Unknown> of EU Dragonblight-A. The guild commemorated the event with wallpaper created by member Blondies. Looks like a fun-loving group!

Employment: Guild recruiting

Heavy play times The aptly named <RedbullandVodka> (US Blackhand-A) seeks dedicated raiders with high play times for both 10- and 25-man raiding; raids Tues./Wed./Sat./Sun. 7:30-11 p.m.

Rise and shine <Inferiority Complex> (US Blackrock-H) is seeking to pad its 10-man group and start another, on the path to eventual 25-man content; raids 7:30-11 a.m. PST. "Our Vent chatter is blue, our gear is purple and some of our players are green (and I don't mean orcs)," notes their recruiter. "We are more interested in great players than great gear or achieves and welcome especially healers/tanks/shaman."

More morning glory <Twilight Incursion> (US Quel'dorei-H) is looking for all classes except paladins and death knights for ICC raiding; raids 9:45 a.m.-1 p.m. CST. "It's just really hard to find reliable raiders," sighs their recruiter. Help 'em out?

18+ normal mode raiding <Premonition> (US Hydraxis-A) is recruiting all classes and specs for 10- and 25-man ICC normal modes; raids Mon.-Thurs. 8 p.m. CST/server.

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