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WoW Moviewatch: God's Gonna Cut You Down


I hope this signals the beginning of a trend in seeing Johnny Cash-related machinima. God's Gonna Cut You Down is WoW music video for the song of the same name performed by Johnny Cash. This is the first machinima created by Kidsake, which makes it even that more impressive.

The imagery and flow of this video is awesome. I love the techniques Kidsake used in this video. The color images contrasted against the grainy black-and-white film is a powerful tool, and I like that the still-frame cutouts give the audience a chance to really check out each portrait.

Johnny Cash was an amazing musician and brought a lot of depth to the folk song. I think Kidsake did the song justice with his video. The moody, somber colors all speak to the same kind of pensive, threatening tone used by Cash, and the violent battles are complimented by God's Gonna Cut You Down's fierce and unyielding lyrics. Ultimately, this video is just great stuff, and I look forward to seeing more Cash songs turned into video. Kidsake, obviously, should be well received and hopefully he'll keep creating new films.

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