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AT&T posts iPad 3G data information


As iPad 3Gs travel to eager owners, AT&T has posted specifics on data pricing [PDF]. Best of all, you can activate and manage the whole works from the iPad itself. Here's the lowdown of domestic plans. All prices are US dollars.

  • $14.99 per month for 250 MB
  • $29.99 per month for unlimited data
  • Unlimited access – no added cost – to AT&T's 20,000+ Wi-Fi Hot Spots
Domestic plans can be canceled at any time from the iPad with no penalty. Otherwise, they'll automatically renew after 30 days at the same rate.

There's a "usage meter" in the general settings of 3G iPads (Settings > Cellular Data) that lets you monitor your data usage. Additionally, when you purchase the $14.95 plan, you'll get three warnings that you're about to exhaust your plan: One at 20 percent, one at 10 percent and finally at zero. If you do exceed your plan, it simply expires until you renew (so you're not racking up "penalty minutes" or anything like that). Note that AT&T defines a month as a 30-day period.

While you await your 3G iPad, check out our overview of managing your data plan.

Note: The source link below is a PDF.

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