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Bungie: We had to break through Infinity Ward 'noise' for Activision news

Justin McElroy

Though many have speculated that today's Bungie-Activision partnership announcement was timed to help distract from the ongoing exodus from Activision darling Infinity Ward, the Halo dev insists that wasn't the case. In fact, Bungie's Joseph Staten said the developer was more concerned with the effect the Infinity Ward news could have on Bungie's own announcement.

"Just speaking personally, it gave us a little bit of pause because we're so excited about this news and we knew we'd have to break through a lot of noise to get the message out there," Staten said in an interview with Joystiq today. "So, clearly that wasn't optimal."

Bungie community lead Brian Jarrard later insisted that the Infinity Ward situation wasn't addressed during the developer's meetings with Activision ... Really, guys? That didn't come up? Not even while you were waiting for your Bloomin' Onion or anything? Like, what did you talk about?

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