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Buy Alan Wake new, get first 'game add-on' free


Apparently EA's Project Ten Dollar has had an influence on other publishers, as Microsoft announced that new purchases of Alan Wake will come with a "token code card" allowing for the free download of the first game add-on (said to be coming "later this year"). The Bright Falls Bonus Pack was also detailed, with participating retailers divvying out Avatar gear (the 'I Am Awake' t-shirt) and a Bright Falls Xbox Live theme to those of you who pre-order (the Avatar shirt and Dashboard theme also come with the Limited Collector's Edition).

And yeah, in fairness, Alan Wake isn't the first MGS-published title to get an incentivized new purchase plan (Gears of War 2 says hello), but it's certainly been some time since we last saw Microsoft employ the business model. No price has been set or release date given for the first bit of content, but we'll assuredly find out soon enough, as Alan Wake is set to arrive at retail in just a few more weeks on May 18.

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