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Halo 2 still kinda alive, thanks to some fans


When the sun set on the Xbox Live service for original Xbox games on April 15, some Halo 2 players decided they just didn't want to let go. So they've been in-game and have left their consoles running past the designated April 15 shutdown, staying in Halo 2 for almost two weeks now. They're going to flip when they see their electric bills!

This thread over on the Bungie forums lists the numerous individuals still online in Halo 2, the last few people able to play the game online ever. Determined not to abandon it until they're forcibly removed by Bungie or Microsoft (or their consoles blow up, which is a very real possibility), you can clearly see each individual's commitment via their profile page on You gotta give it to these guys for their perseverance. Sometimes, you just can't accept something coming to an end. That's why we've never gotten around to watching the series finale of Who's The Boss?.

[Via CNET]

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