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Make an in-game BioShock 2 video, win the most dangerous prize ever

2K Games is currently holding a contest to see who can capture the "craziest" occurrences while playing BioShock 2. Mind you, the contest's definition of "crazy" isn't referring to that time you found a hilarious bug, or that time you got a 20-kill streak while playing online. Rather, the contest is looking for "I froze a Big Daddy, levitated him into the air, stuck a rocket on him, and sent him flying into a group of unaware Splicers." For a hint as to what your entries should look like, watch the video posted after the jump.

The prize for the craziest video is a crisp, presumably novelty-sized check for $5,000, as well as a life-sized Big Daddy suit. Yes, the suit from this video. Yes, it's probably covered in the blood of 2K Marin's programmers. No, they probably won't clean that off for you.

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