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Apple #1 US phone manufacturer, RIM enters top 5 worldwide, Motorola feels the burn


Apple, love it or lump it, has seen some big numbers lately: one million App Store apps downloaded, ten billion iTunes, and now it looks like the company can claim to be the number one phone maker in the US. According to Forbes, Apple sold 8.8 million iPhones in the first quarter, as opposed to 8.5 million mobile devices sold by Motorola -- quite a slide when you figure that four years ago the company moved something like 46.1 million in Q1. If that ain't enough to give Motorola pause, industry analysts IDC have issued a report stating that, while the mobile phone industry continues to recover (growing almost 22 percent in Q1) Motorola has been knocked out of the top five worldwide mobile vendors by RIM. We guess the next question is, will Motorola's all-Android, all-the-time strategy be enough to bring it back into the big leagues?

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