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Free Realms confirmed for PS3

Yesterday, we celebrated the first birthday for Free Realms, in which we heard some details on things that Sony Online Entertainment had added to the game to make it better for players. With that said, it appears that the folks over at Kotaku managed to wrangle one additional piece of information out of the Free Realms team -- and this one is a sweet birthday surprise!

Despite many companies considering porting their MMOs to consoles and later deciding to skip it, SOE has charged full steam ahead with their dual-platform development. As such, it would appear that family favorite Free Realms will indeed cross to the PlayStation 3. What's better, they're planning on showing it off at E3 this year! Of course, we'll have a team on the ground at the show to get all the juicy details such as release dates, and whether or not PC and PS3 players will be able to play together on the same servers. Hopefully if Free Realms garners as many PS3 players as it has on PC, other developers will reconsider their plans for console launches, and we'll see more enter the market in coming years.

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