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Ilomilo adorably (and exclusively) heading to XBLA


Southend Interactive, developer of Lode Runner and R-Type on Xbox Live Arcade, recently announced plans to bring adorable puzzler Ilomilo to Microsoft's digital platform as an "exclusive." The game stars Ilo and Milo, two miniaturized Teletubby-looking creatures exploring "surrealistic and ever changing" environments, forever questing to be reunited.

The game's first trailer (seen above) has the pair traversing worlds that evoke Echochrome, only with, well, gobs more color (not to mention tons more charm). No release window is given for the title, but when it does eventually come out, friends can join up online to control one character each and take on the game's four worlds cooperatively. Apparently Ilomilo will also feature "famous cameos from other games" hidden within each level, though given Southend's past titles (based on other companies' IP), we can't possibly imagine what that could mean. Will we find an Arrowhead space ship somewhere in the game? The future is unknown, folks. For now, get your "DAWWWWWW"s ready and check out the smattering of Ilomilo media above and below.

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[Via Eurogamer]

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