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The Old Republic cracks open the files on the galaxy's most notorious figures


Sometimes it feels as though the Sith and Jedi get boiled down to two primary emotions: scowly and smug. It kind of makes it hard to root for one side or the other when that's all there is. Happily, Team BioWare's decided to graduate past these stereotypes as they flesh out the complex leaders in the struggle for intergalactic domination.

Three new biographies have been posted on The Old Republic's website, representing the three main factions of the game: Darth Malgus for the Sith, Mandalore for the Independents, and General Garza for the Republic. You may remember Darth Malgus as the seething bad guy from the Deceived trailer, and it turns out that he's now the star of his own book as well: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived. The novel -- which just received a first look over at -- promises to reveal insights into just why Malgus led the assault to sack the Jedi temple on Coruscant.

More exciting than these biographies are the introduction of a brand-new section of TOR's Holonet: Inhabitants! This page covers droids, creatures and humanoids that players will encounter on a regular basis in the game, and currently has six records to choose from: the Gundark, the AR-34 Enforcer Droid, Gormak, Trandoshan, Salky Hounds, and the X2-C3 Imperial Astromech. Each of the records is accompanied by a description and a trio of screen shots to enjoy.

It's a lot to absorb in one sitting, so head on over to The Old Republic to check out these new Biographies and Inhabitants!

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