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The Queue: Tiny baby piggy

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

The past few installments of The Queue have all been well and good when it comes to presenting the things in life we love the most (classy silver-haired gentlemen and voluptuous women), but a crucial demographic has been left out: those who, like me, love the hell out of tiny ungulates.

Yes. If I were in the Conan movie, and I was Conan, and James Earl Jones asked me "Conan, what is best in life?," I would reply, "Micro-pigs." And he would nod solemnly and say "I never really thought about that. You're right, Conan." And I'd be all, "Thulsa Doom, I totally gave you a micro-pig-a-day calendar last Christmas that you haven't even opened. I bet if I went to your room right now, it'd be in your closet somewhere, somewhere where the date is still Jan. 1, because that's what day the micro-pig-a-day calendar says it is." And he'd be all, "Damn, Conan, chill." And I'd be all, "Thulsa Doom, I will not chill. Will not chill at all."

Makothegreat asks:

"So the real question I've been asking myself that I'll share is, "Do you think that the new zones will be as large and expansive as the LK Zones?" And a follow up question, "I wonder how much the old content will be updated to reflect the more interesting and numerous quests of the the LK and BC?""

From what we've seen, the answer is a resounding yes to the first question. As for the second, Blizzard has said that their goal with Cataclysm's old-world makeover was to bring the vanilla game up to date with what they've learned about questing and design with BC and Wrath, so you can expect the new and revamped quests to have, at the very least, a sprinkling of the new types of quests that the last two expansions gave us.

What will really matter is that the design philosophy is carried over, even if vehicle quests and bombing runs aren't.

Tyler asks:

"Why are we yet to see female worgen skins? It leads me to believe there's a possibility that all worgen bodies are by default, male, but it would contradict the original leak of the masks. Is there any word on this and which way it will go?"

There are definitely female worgen, but Blizzard says that the model just isn't ready for show and tell yet. Zarhym just commented on this last night:

The basic model is there but isn't properly textured or polished yet.

Ash asks:

"I was wondering if there has been any word on whether they are going to allow more character slots for Cataclysm? What with all the new race/class combos and the introduction of two new races it seems like there should be a greater push for extra slots."

Each time the topic comes up, Blizzard's response is that they have no plans at this time. My personal bet for an additional character slot is when they release another class.

Drew asks:

"Why, in regards to the Worgen mount, is Blizzard again going to introduce a racial mount that exists nowhere else in the lands of Azeroth?

First they introduced the Hawkstriders for the Blood Elfs. When they could have, and should have, given them something like the Night Elf Saber mounts. They had the base models for the Lynx cat in that area anyway, and would make sense that they could train them as a mount.

And now the Worgen are going to have some sort of other-dimension-looking and corrupted boar as a mount? Why wouldn't Blizz do something more epic, and befitting a shape-shifting race, like an actual full worg/wolf form. Can anyone explain this to me?"

Though I can't find a source, the last time Blizzard was asked about the worgen mount, they said that they weren't quite sure what it would be yet. I personally like the werewarboar mount that the worgen is riding in the one piece of concept art, and I honestly wouldn't expect any of Azeroth's current land animals to be the worgen mount. What's left either a.) is boring, b.) doesn't fit thematically at all, or c.) is being used by another race already. Also note that giving them a shapeshift for mounting causes interesting issues with WoW's achievement system, where mounts are common rewards.

As for hawkstriders, they were a fine choice, in my opinion -- giving blood elves a reskin of the night elf mount is essentially saying, "You guys are the Horde night elves. Enjoy." Besides, most animal species on earth are native to certain areas. It only makes sense that Azerothian fauna would work the same way.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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