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Breakfast Topic: Big Mistake


Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, we make really, really big mistakes. Mistakes that take, and I wish I was exaggerating, months to remedy. Take for instance my giant blunder around the time patch 3.1 came around.

It was a bright, sunny day in Dalaran. I was minding my own business in trade chat when, out of the blue, a lone trader was requesting a large amount of Northern Spices. See, on my server at the time, these were going for some decent cash. I guess there was a lack of chefs, feasts were in demand, and all that jazz? Nonetheless, I was sitting on a heaping pile of Dalaran Cooking Awards doing absolutely nothing in my currency tab. 133 to be exact. With all my recipes learned and Cooking Awards burning a hole in my proverbial pocket, I liquidated them all for a mass amount of spices, collected my gold from this wayward traveler, and smiled a happy grin.

Then this happened.

Have you done anything monumentally stupid before a patch that you never could have seen coming? What was your biggest head slap moment in WoW? Don't be like me, kids. Save everything, or you'll be doing cooking dailies for months again for a stupid hat.

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