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Breakfast Topic: Kill them

Matthew Rossi

I mean, like all of them. I'm not sure who they even are, at this point, but as soon as the Rated Battlegrounds are here I'm gonna be in there killing. Horde, Alliance, doesn't matter. I vastly prefer group PvP to arenas, and I'll admit in no small way that it's because my own tactical weaknesses are much more on display in arena play, while the things I'm pretty good at are magnified in group PvP.

For instance, lately I've become enamored of Wintergrasp again. Not because I'm either good at it or geared for it, but just because I enjoy having a mass of targets to charge into. Most of the time I die horribly, (I PvP as fury, so I'm basically asking for it) but when I manage to make a kill or break up an Alliance formation (I don't PvP on my draenei very much, mostly my tauren) I feel pretty good about it. The idea that Cataclysm will be making group PvP more important with Tol Barad and rankings in BG's works for me. I'm very much looking forward to the changes that will let me get PvP weapons by doing PvP.

So how about you? Are you deathly averse to PvP, an arena maniac, or a group PvPer?

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