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MechWarrior 4 is now free ... if you can get it [update]


Update: It seems the servers are back up to download the game right here. Enjoy!

Original post: So here's the thing -- we were all set to tell you about how MechWarrior 4 had been released for free, but apparently some people found out before we could tell you and now, well, the servers are down. Bigtime. As in, it might be a few minutes before they're back up. According to several tipsters, the 1.7GB file became available for download last night, but as of right now, MekTek (the game's host) is still suffering an outage.

That said ... hey! MechWarrior 4 has been released to the general public for precisely zero of your hard-earned C-Bills! If you managed to snag the file last night, we're hearing reports that MekTek has recovered the game's multiplayer servers. We'll let you know when the servers are back up.

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