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Bluehole CM addresses TERA player feedback

Jef Reahard

Bluehole Studio Community Manager Mr. Blue has responded to tester feedback regarding the Korean beta version of the upcoming TERA MMORPG. The question and answer session, translated by Meiellink and Locien of TeraFans, touches on a lengthy list of player concerns including a lack of character and skill differentiation, a reliance on repeatable quests, difficult solo play, and a lack of unique hunting zones.

"A complete renewal of the hunting zones, including the ones in Arun continent which players have visited is already planned. This doesn't just encompass the variety of monsters, placement, paths, topography and buildings, but also things such as quest types, quest lines and the placement of solo and party quests. We're going to take these factors and others into account as we measure the level of completion of the renewed zones one at a time," Mr. Blue says.

Check out the full article over at TeraFans.

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