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PC Alpha Protocol's Uniloc DRM explained


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An administrator on the Sega forums has detailed what purchasers of Alpha Protocol on PC can expect from the Uniloc DRM system. With some publishers employing excessive DRM, it's good for PC players to know what they are getting into.

Sega details that initial activation of the game will require an internet connection, but after that they should be good to go. Five activations are allowed per license key, with users having the option to deactivate a computer's license if they wish. Most importantly, the DRM will allegedly be removed through a patch 18-24 months after release.

PC owners who submit to the DRM can pick up a copy June 1. In tragic irony, those who refuse to submit to any DRM will likely be able to download the game around the same time -- or earlier -- from their favorite torrent site. But don't do that.

[Via Big Download]

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