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Meet the man who sped up LotRO: José Luis


For all of Lord of the Rings Online's many virtues, a speedy load time is not one of them. Even three years after its launch, players are still struggling to figure out ways to deal with sluggish framerates and lengthy loading screens, which is where José Luis comes in. Hailing from Argentina, José is the creator of two popular LotRO utilities: FlashBoost (which reduces load times and lag with the help of a flash drive) and DefragSuite (which defragments internal game files to speed up the client). These programs have the Turbine thumbs-up of approval, and are featured on the LotRO Lorebook.

The blog Mordor or Bust got some face time with José Luis in a rather lengthy interview, covering both of these utilities and his general thoughts on the game. It's a bit technical in places, but José does a decent job explaining just how and why these programs work, and what he has in store for the upcoming FlashBoost 2.0. He also shares his love of LotRO: "The art of the game is amazing, the story arc and quests are very well done and the community is outstanding!"

So if you're looking to boost LotRO's performance, it's worth giving FlashBoost and DefragSuite a try.

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