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WoW Moviewatch: Are WoW graphics bad?


One of the criticisms often levied against World of Warcraft is that the game's graphics aren't as shiny or bleeding-edge as many other contemporary MMOs. It's almost an age-old argument at this point, and there's not much swaying of opinion about it. Many people would balk at addressing this kind of partisan issue, but that kind of controversy hasn't ever bothered Wowcrendor before. It certainly didn't stop him from defending WoW's graphics with Are WoW Graphics Bad?

I know Wowcrendor is addressing an entirely different subject, but I still can't watch this video without thinking of the upcoming Cataclysm. Most of us are obviously excited about the new content in the expansion, and the daily screenshots of the shattered zones are very exciting. But I'm already feeling a little nostalgic about my years of history in the existing world, and Wowcrendor's video highlights some of my favorite places. The change will be awesome, but I will be wistful when I watch this video after all the destruction.

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