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Champions Online powers up with patch notes, state of the game


A superhero's work is never done. To fight on the side of good means that you must be as diligent as evil is persistent, else the dark forces will gain sway and demand that you kneel before Zod. Fortunately, a shining beacon has appeared in the sky, signaling good news for the heroes of Champions Online -- a new patch, an upbeat State of the Game report, and a spiffy referral program.

The new "Super Powers Patch," as it's being called (or patch FC.11.201000419.5, if you like to be formal) sports a host of additions and changes to the game. For starters, all characters will be granted a free retcon due to the enormous array of powers tweaks. The melee and supernatural powersets, in particular, have been overhauled to bring them more in line with the strength and flexibility of other types of powers. The patch also brings Unity 2 missions, weapons at the tailor, and teaming improvements. You can read the full patch notes here.

Building off of the new patch is the most recent State of the Game report, in which dev Rekhan not only looks at the current patch, but ahead to several future boons to Champions Online. In June, a new adventure pack entitled "The Serpent Lantern" will hit the servers, boasting an exciting mission arc as well as veteran rewards, difficulty sliders and a pass at energy building powers. He also mentions that the Champions website is due for an upgrade of its own, and encourages players to participate in their new referral program for rewards and glory.

Evil never sleeps -- but fortunately, it seems that the Champions team doesn't either. Check out the new State of the Game report and patch notes over on the official site!

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