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Fallen Earth announces partnership with Interactive Gaming Software

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The changes at Fallen Earth just keep coming. Today brings us news that Fallen Earth has formed a distribution partnership with publisher and distributor Interactive Gaming Software.

So what does this mean for Fallen Earth? In short, it means onward and upward: "As Fallen Earth grows, the need to make the game easily accessible both nationally as well as internationally has become essential," says Marketing Manager Jessica Orr. From the sound of things we're going to see the game made available to a wider audience, beginning its addition to "several new digital and retail outlets in late Q2."

Speculation regarding any connection between this partnership and the recent layoffs is only natural, but all involved parties seem very optimistic about the direction things are going for the game. Making Fallen Earth available to a wider market brings the potential for many more subscriptions, so we'll be watching the population of Sector 1 with interest.

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