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iPad merges with kitchen cabinet, sacrificing portability for utility

Sean Hollister

From the moment we saw the so-called "magical device," we knew the lucrative digital cookbook market would never be quite the same, but it's one thing to imagine an iPad as the centerpiece of one's kitchen, and something else entirely to see to see it in the flesh. TUAW reader Alan Daly built his directly into the side of a kitchen cabinet, and set it to work doling out Epicurious recipes, streaming Jamie Oliver, and surfing some of the world's best websites (in our oh-so-humble opinion) well out of the way of troublesome meat splatter. In lieu of flying toasters, his screen displays a virtual aquarium when it's not in use, and the whole assembly seems to be a simple matter of cutting a hole and affixing a pair of wooden strips for support. It's not clear, however, how he keeps it charged. Maybe that's the magic Steve keeps talking about. Video after the break.

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