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SOE unveils The Agency Facebook game, announces The Agency will be at E3

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Hey, remember that time Sony Online Entertainment trademarked "The Agency Covert Ops" and we all wondered why? Now we know. It turns out that you're going to be able to play The Agency while you wait for The Agency to launch.

No, really. Covert Ops, the newest Facebook app from Sony Online Entertainment, serves as a tie-in to the upcoming secret agent MMO The Agency. Don't dismiss this as another boring mafia-style Facebook grind until you check it out, because our friends at Mashable scored an interview with the developers and Covert Ops goes way beyond "ask everyone on your friends list for two nails and a board." Customization is king here right from the start, offering a unique look from the tattoos on your character to their overall living space.

The team behind Covert Ops isn't done, either. They're planning more content across the board: more missions, weapons, and locations are on the way. Want to check it out? It's live on Facebook now, and for a limited time SOE is offering 250 Station Cash to get you started. Make sure to read through the interview at Mashable for all the information as well.

If you're still anxious for the full MMO, have no fear. Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley reassured us this evening: "and yes, the MMO is still coming :) in fact, you can see it for yourself at E3!"

[Thanks to the Massively IRC crowd for the tip!]

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