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Tales of Pirates II announces closed beta

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The crew at IGG has been hard at work since the Tales of Pirates II alpha test last month sorting out bugs and doing some fine tuning. It must have gone well, because they've announced that the game is ready for the next round of testing. Tales of Pirates II will sail into closed beta this Thursday, May 6th with enough new content to keep testers hopping.

When closed beta opens at 10 AM EDT, players that enjoy PvP will want to head straight for the Arena to try their hand at the new PvP offerings. There will be conventional large-scale battles, but IGG didn't stop there. You can also team up with others to fight for resources and territory or hang out in the Arena gallery to judge the battles.

Don't worry, PvE content wasn't neglected. More high-level content has been added including mazes, digging for treasure, and a fairy companion reminiscent of Aika's pran that offers buffs to your character. All the current information can be found at the ToP II site.

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