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Cupidtino will help you meet your iSweetie


I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner -- Cupidtino is a brand new site that promises to hook you up with a fellow Cult of Mac member for romantic entanglements. That's right -- they claim to be the first "Mac-inspired dating site," destined to bring single and like-minded Mac fans together. Trying to meet someone at the Genius Bars can be so expensive and time-consuming, and all of those boys and girls on OkCupid just don't get it when you try to explain why the Unibody MacBook is such a great step forward and why the iPad isn't just a big iPod touch. Enter Cupidtino -- the site was started up by three San Francisco tech developers, and while it's only in pre-launch mode right now, you can sign up for a closed beta (and don't worry, as one of TUAW's only available bachelors, I did -- let the hilarity ensue).

When you sign up, you're asked which Macs and Apple devices you own, and so far, those are the only qualifications. But if my potential lady friend owns an iMac, that should be good enough, right? I can already picture us, having a romantic dinner at some local Italian place, charming music playing in the background while we share a bottle of wine, talking quietly about our favorite customized Automator services. Ah, sweet romance!

[via TechCrunch]

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