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Goblin and worgen forum icons live; still no female worgen

Michael Sacco

Since the Friends & Family phase of Cataclysm testing is currently active, it only makes sense that the private forum for testers is also up and running, as it has been in expansions past. And with that forum comes new icons for players who've rolled goblins and worgen! To the right, check out the basic (pre-85) icons for male and female goblins and male worgen, straight from the official forum art assets.

Unsurprisingly, and hilariously, female worgen still don't exist, even in forum icon form. Unconfirmed rumors state that the model isn't even in the alpha client at this point. Wonder what the holdup has been for these past nine months.

Or maybe this is just a special icon for female worgen shadow priests. That must be it.

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