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Point and click your way through Mafia II's Story of Frankie Potts


We kind of like this trend of free Internet-based games made just to promote their big-release cousins. Dragon Age Journeys is the standout so far, but Mafia II is entering the ring with a free point-and-click game called The Story of Frankie Potts, playable right now on the game's website. There's not much to see yet (just a few clickable scraps of paper and a darkroom where you can develops a new screenshot), but the timeline feature hints that there will be new content every day to check out. And not only will you get to learn about Mafia II, but eventually there will be "four challenge games" in which you can compete with other players around the world for "limited edition swag," and even a copy of the game along with a PS3 and 60" TV with surround sound system to play it on.

Yes, it's "promogaming" -- the goal is to sell you on the game. But especially if these free experiences are intriguing, we'll welcome a little extra gameplay for no extra charge. It's better than just reading a press release, right?

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