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Puzzle Agent due in June, pre-order now to save on other Telltale stuff


If you're interested in evaluating Telltale's first episodic game "pilot" for yourself, you can now pre-order the new puzzle-adventure game Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent from Telltale's website in advance of its June release. As a nice incentive to check it out, when you buy the $9.95 download, everything else in your cart will be discounted by 50%! Not that Monkey Island bundle -- good thinking, though. Graham Annable fans might be interested in adding the new Book of Grickle to their carts. And people writing this post might be interested in throwing in a set of Homestar Runner figurines.

The pre-order offer applies to both PC and Mac (you'll get both with purchase), but not WiiWare, iPhone, or iPad.

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