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Activision CEO teases Call of Duty plans for China, Korea

While discussing his company's plans for the grotesquely lucrative Call of Duty series, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick teased another evolution in the war game franchise: globalism. No, we don't mean the globe-trotting "narrative" of the games, but rather Activision's plans to cash in on the rest of the planet.

"The popular global fantasy of being a soldier is allowing us to enter new geographies, leveraging expertise only companies like Blizzard have in markets like China and Korea," Kotick said. "We have dedicated teams in these new markets creating content for the audiences that, to date, have only been satisfied by Blizzard games. Soon we'll announce our plans for both China and Korea."

And that's all he said before returning to a general discussion of the Call of Duty business. Is he talking about the oft-rumored Call of Duty MMO or just a global release of the existing games, using Blizzard's proven methods? Kotick says we'll find out "soon."

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