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Aion pets sighted on Korean test server

Jef Reahard

Word of the recently released 2.0 patch to the Korean test servers has created a bit of a buzz in the North American Aion community. Among the huge list of tweaks and additions was the mention of player pets of both the vanity and utilitarian variety. While detailed information remains scarce here in the West, a few images of the pets have begun to show up on Korean MMORPG web sites, including these images over at MMOSite.

In addition to the images, there are brief descriptions of each type of pet, including one that apparently alerts its owner to the presence of an enemy player. Along with this 'alertive' pet, there are warehouse pets (which as you might expect, offer additional storage), productive pets (which may give you a rare gameplay item when you feed them), and decorative pets that serve no particular gameplay function.

The article also hints at an 'emotive study' system through which your pet can learn various abilities, including flight. Check out the images over at MMOSite.

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