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Cataclysm Leak: Spec-specific mastery bonus info revealed


With the release of the Friends and Family Alpha version of Cataclysm, information about the new expansion is spilling forth like water from a broken dam. MMO-Champion's latest leak concerns the new mastery system, the bonus Blizzard is implementing to encourage players to deep dive into their spec and to wear their class-specific gear.

Standard spoiler alert -- more details and links after the break.

The recent data mined findings show three separate bonuses for each spec. Some of it will be familiar to readers who were paying close attention during the class preview -- the elemental shaman mastery bonus, for example, modifies the percentage for Elemental (Lightning) Overload to occur, as well as increasing spell damage and crit percentage. Other specs will find slightly more specific, new information -- the leak reveals that shadow orb mastery bonus for shadow priests are generated (chance on hit) through Shadow Word: Pain and Mind Flay.

Blizzard previously released information about the mastery bonus system during Blizzcon 2009 and as part of an official sneak preview back in March.

As always, this information was taken from the alpha and is subject to (and probably will) change during the development process.

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