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Codemasters offers free week for LotRO's EU players


When North American players are treated to special promotions and events that are denied to our friends in Europe -- usually due to different publishers -- we often hear a bit of grousing (and rightly so). So it was with a recent Welcome Back Weekend that benefited only NA players, while EU gamers tiptoed up to the table and held out their empty bowl, saying, "Please, sir, I want some more."

Happily, Codemasters is doing the EU community one better, by offering a Welcome Back Week from May 10-17. This only benefits former players, however, who may jump back in the game for an entire week of play. On top of the free game time, all players will enjoy the benefit of a 5% bump in XP gain, as well as free travel at the stables.

So grouse no longer, fair folk of Europe -- enjoy your full week of play with no strings attached!

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